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Advantages of Systema

  • Self-Defense aspects – psychological/mental, verbal, physical, legal, and realistic defense.
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Defense Against Mass Attacks
  • Fighting from the ground
  • Holds Releases and Attacks
  • Defense Against Conventional Weapons – knives, guns and sticks
  • Improvised Weapons – belt, credit card, keys, wallet, clothing, glasses, etc.
  • Conditioning Exercises – developed by the Soviet military for warm-up, conditioning, flexibility enhancement, functional strength gain, pain and fear control.

Difference with Asian Styles

Russian Martial Art philosophy is that if you take life and training seriously all the time, you will be unable or too fatigue to react to truly serious situation appropriately.

In most Asian schools students have fighters look and their faces are tense or stern. Laughter and jokes are very uncommon if not inappropriate. In THE SYSTEM classes you can smile or laugh during work out. In fact sparring is seen more in terms of a game with positive energy in tune with the overall Russian philosophy.

There is also no ritual or bowing. There are no uniforms. You can wear jeans and t-shirt or any comfortable street clothing.

A Force for Good

Despite some of the training described above, the essence of THE SYSTEM is a focus on our “good” side. You come to respect your own abilities and your place in the world.
Physical skill and knowledge aren’t enough in THE SYSTEM. You must stay on the moral side only then your movements will be free and natural. Such a powerful weapon can only totally be revealed to a person with a good psyche and honest intentions.

Use it for evil, for aggression, and you limit its potential.